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mafia wars fighting trick!!

Fighting TRICKS !

Its inevitable. Everyone want to be the top dog on the street and rival mafias will eventually want to pick a fight with you, take your money, or snuff you out. You’ll also want to flex your muscles, so others will know who the toughest guy on the block is, so prepare your mafia for battle! In my opinion, this is the best aspect of the game. The only tip I can give you is to be prepared for attacks from Day 1.
There is also a simple rule when you get snuffed. If you dont have enough strength to beat a rival mafia or are low on stamina points, DONT HEAL yourself right away. Yes, you heard me, healing your mafia isn’t always the best option. After being killed, your basically “blacklisted” and must gain over twenty points before you can be attacked again. This gives you time to build your stamina and mount a counter attack or pay for a hit if the rival mafia is to powerful for you to beat one on one. Never give the rivals the satisfaction of snuffing you out over and over again within the same hour because you stupid enough to heal yourself right away while making your mafia vulnerable for attack again.
I’d also recommend that your defense always be a little higher than your attack points. I started concentrating on this after level 100. Currently my defense is about twenty points higher than my offense and I’m able to repel a greater number of attacks than before. I’ve been snuffed out from time to time by much higher levels by being put on a hitlist, but I actually am able to repel some of their attacks and earn experience because of critical damage I’m able to inflict due to my top mafia members. Unless the rival mafia is willing to wait long to snuff you out again, your generally safe from other all out attack.
Crime Jobs

A mobster’s gotta work! Crime jobs are a great way to earn cash and experience, especially when you’re getting your start. Some jobs require certain items, properties, or mafia size to complete. New jobs become available as you progress through the game by completing jobs, earning cash and expanding your mafia size. Use that cash to buy the tools you need to perform bigger and better jobs for a bigger payoff.
Staying Alive, Stay Fighting, Stay On Top!
In order to do anything from picking a job to picking a fight you need to maintain your health, energy and stamina. You need your health to stay alive in fights and to avoid getting knocked down from a sucker punch. You’ll need your energy to complete jobs and should you get nabbed by the cops – to break out of jail! You’ll need stamina to keep fighting. Earn cash and experience by performing jobs and picking fights!

Real estate is a great way to earn quick, steady and reliable cash and street credit. Owning properties is where the real cash is at! Properties generate recurring income that can be used to finance your criminal activates. The more properties you own, the more money will continue to roll in.
The Bank
The streets are rough, and rival mafias are everywhere. You can safe guard your cash at the bank, but after laundering and the bank’s cut, you’ll lose about 10%. But better lose it to the bank than on the streets because during fights, you can’t lose money you have in the bank!
The Godfather
Any made man knows that when you need a little help, you go to The Godfather. He’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse. The Godfather can assist you by rise quickly through the ranks by giving you cash, energy or more members power up your mafia fast. You can help TheGodfather out by donating or filling out offers. I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to return the favor.

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